Nice Jazz Hands...


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NEW TOUR DATE ADDED!Ani-Jam 2014Fresno, CA Aug 16th!Get Your Tickets:

Making plans to go!
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Nightly shift 50% done. Fog rolled in right after this pic was taken and right now I can’t see the moon. Bummer.
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Beautiful first day of Spring Break… And I’m working all week. At least this weekend is Anime Conji and I’ll get to see some friends who I don’t often get to see. I’m managing autograph rooms this year so I’ll be wearing a radio most of the time. Look for me across from Video Room 1!
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undertaker by  sakuya 

Must reblog this! This is perfect!!
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Delightfully Creepy — Steampunk L.A.
21 June 2013
© Kimberly Paul Photography

Old photo of mine! Totally creepy!
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UfoJockey asked for a painting of Rocky in Rabbit’s clothing, so here it is. Made with acrylic.
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I’m a true lesbian now. I have a plaid shirt.
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I thought watching it live would make me like it. Nope. Still hate it.

I have to agree with you on that one at this point! Oh my GOD! I really hope that they improve things in the future with the performance of this song. It is really really really stupid the way it looks right now. I couldn’t watch the entire video. Oh my god! 

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More pics of mah costume.  Meanwhile, I got hugs from David and Bunny, and Bunny said she liked my costume. I have no words.

So badass!

Rabbit’s belts are back!!! YES!
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Anonymous asked: What?! It's true! Name one person she's met that hasn't gotten into her pants! Everyone has! Don't get mad at me for telling the truth!

Guardian growled louder. “I don’t care! You do NOT disrespect her like that and get away with it!” His finger flirted with the trigger.